Monday, July 23, 2012

Love Field Airport Commission

As part of the Love Field Modernization Program, my work was commissioned to be placed in the East Ticketing Hall Tunnel. The work is made of poured in place terrazzo, and was installed in August, 2012.  It is the main entrance to the new ticketing hall directly above.

The piece consists of eight concentric rectangles measuring 8.75 x 9 feet each.  The rectangles are placed in sequence next to each other, and fill the entire tunnel, approximately 70 feet in length.  Four colors are used in the four concentric bands: black, white, and two distinct grays.  Each color is used once in each of the bands in each rectangle.  Four of the rectangles have the same color throughout each band, and four have a vertical line dividing each rectangle to create further complexity in the color placements.  The piece was designed so that it cannot be viewed all at once from any single viewpoint, as there is no position from which it can be seen from either end, in the middle of the tunnel, or above.  The piece must be experienced over time as the passengers move through the tunnel, which makes the piece environmental rather than a simple image. This is partly made possible by the change in elevation of the floor itself, and by the long, narrow length of the space.

In the diagram below indicating the placement of rectangles and colors, the rectangles appear more horizontal than they are in the finished piece.  The diagram was what I submitted originally when I proposed for another space in the modernization project with different proportions, although the color placements and number of rectangles were retained in the final design.

The piece was fabricated and installed by American Terrazzo.

west entrance
east exit
detail at west entrance

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